Tracks Of My Years
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Release Date: September 2014 (Verve)
Songs By Jim Vallance: She Knows Me
Tracks of My Years is a collection of "covers" from the 1960s and 70s (Beatles, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, etc). The album includes one original song - She Knows Me - written by me and Bryan.

While Bryan was recording Tracks of My Years with producer David Foster he was also recording an album of our orignal songs with Jeff Lynne ... presumably working 28 hours a day!

Here's what Bryan had to say about Tracks of My Years:

"Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time. We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals. We did about three months of recording, spread out over the course of two years.

I got into it in the end - and David is a brilliant producer, nothing against him - it just wasn’t something I really wanted to do. I would literally leave one studio where I was recording with David and go to another studio where I was working on a new album with Jeff. That gave me the impetus to get through the Foster record, because I didn’t enjoy that at all."