Recording Artist: Aerosmith
Release Date: September 12, 1989 (Geffen Records)
Songs By Jim Vallance: The Other Side
Young Lust
Charts: #3 - UK Album Chart / Sep. 23, 1989 (26 weeks on the chart)
#5 - Billboard Album Chart / Nov. 14, 1989 (110 weeks on chart)
Certification: 7x Platinum (7 million U.S. sales) Feb. 10, 1995
Gold UK (100,000 UK sales) October 20, 1989
World: More than 10 million sales
The following quotes are from the book "Walk This Way - The Autobiography of Aerosmith" by Stephen Davis:

Joe Perry: Working with the writers that John Kalodner brought in was a refresher course in songwriting for me. Yes, we needed to sell records, but it was also important that a lot of the stuff held together as songs, like if I were to sit down with Steven and play acoustic guitar and him sing. That's a goal we still have in this band.
Steven Tyler: In the old days I'd go to someone's house with a bag of blow and sit down and write, and I'd leave the next day with no songs and no idea where I'd been. Now, being sober as I was, I could go over to Jim Vallance's house and leave a few hours later with a cassette of three or four new songs, and a new friend. It was always a moment for me.

Joe Perry: We had three weeks of pre-production in Vancouver before we actually recorded. I went to Jim Vallance's house with the idea to write the first song on the album, just tear it up into something that sounded like a dinosaur eating cars. Y'know, let them know we're here when that double kick drum gets going. We came up with 'Young Lust'.
Joe Perry