Permanent Vacation
Recording Artist: Aerosmith
Release Date: August 25, 1987 (Geffen Recordds)
Songs By Jim Vallance: Hangman Jury
Magic Touch
Rag Doll
Charts: #11 - Billboard Album Chart / Nov. 1987 (67 weeks on chart)
#37 - UK Album Chart / Sep. 5, 1987 (14 weeks on chart)
Certification: USA - 5x Platinum (5 million sales) Feb. 10, 1995
UK - Gold (100,000 sales) March 15, 1990
World: Approximately 8 million sales
Between 1987 and 1992 I wrote a dozen songs with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.  I learned a lot, I had a ton of fun, and I came away with enormous respect for Aerosmith's talent, integrity, their brotherhood as a band, and their commitment to music as a positive force. Aerosmith are unique as individuals, and they're unique as a group. In all of Rock-n-Roll there are few bands that can match their energy and innovation ... on-stage or in the studio.
Bruce Fairbairn
My first encounter with Aeromtih was in March 1987 when I was brought onto the "Permanent Vacation" session by my friend Bruce Fairbairn.  A few months earlier Bruce had been hired by Geffen Records guru John Kalodner, and given the task of producing Aerosmith's "come-back" album.

Bruce, in turn, enlisted a handful of trusted people he'd worked with in the past: songwriter Desmond Child, audio engineer Bob Rock, assistant engineer Mike Fraser, and me.

The following quotes are from the book "Walk This Way - The Autobiography of Aerosmith" by Stephen Davis:

John Kalodner: In January 1987 I went to the band's rehearsal hall in Somerville in the dead of stinking Boston winter during a horrible blizzard. They play me what they've been rehearsing. Tyler had part of "Dude" but it wasn't together. I returned two weeks later in another stinking blizzard and they'd made basically no progress. The songs were just a collection of rehearsal riffs, not really happening. I listened as politely as I could, made some notes, and thought, "I gotta get somebody to fix these songs". I didn't know how they'd react to what I had to say next: "Look, here's what an A&R person does. I need to bring in some people to help you write songs".

Steven Tyler: I told him if he knew someone I could write lyrics with and have as much fun as when I'm writing with Joe Perry, then please bring 'em in.

John Kalodner: In April they moved to Vancouver and started to work with Jim Vallance. From then through June they came up with most of the tracks - (from the book "Walk This Way - The Autobiography of Aerosmith" by Stephen Davis).

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A&R legend John Kalodner