Don't Even Try
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: Pending
Albums: Get Up! (Universal / Polydor, 2015
Bryan Adams: vocal, backing vocals
Jeff Lynne: 6-string & 12-string electric guitars, acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums, backing vocals
Steve Jay: tambourine, shaker
Produced by Jeff Lynne. Recorded by Steve Jay at Bungalow Palace Studios, Los Angeles. Mixed by Jeff Lynne and Steve Jay. Bryan's lead vocal recorded by Jim in London. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine.
Comments: See comments for You Belong To Me.
Lyrics: It’s alright tonight - what can you do?
It’s alright tonight - she's over you
You took the love she gave and then you threw it all away
No time for goodbye
So don't even try - don't even try

It’s too late for love - what can you say?
It’s too late for love - now she's gone away
You're searchin' for an answer there's no need to wonder why
You made her cry
So don't even try - don't even try

You could call her up again some other day
But she'll never let you in - just walk away

It’s alright tonight - just let it be
It’s alright tonight - now she's with me
You know you can't go on pretending, it's time to realize
You told her lies
So don't even try

Don’t even try
Don’t even try
Don’t even try