Depend On Me
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Mutt Lange
Date Written: 1988-89-90 / Vancouver Canada, London England
Albums: Waking Up The Neighbours (A&M Records, 1991)

Bryan Adams: rhythm guitar, vocal
Keith Scott: lead guitar
Dave Taylor: bass
Mickey Curry: drums

Produced by Mutt Lange and Bryan Adams. Recorded by Nigel Green at Battery Studios, London.  Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Mayfair Studios, London.
Mutt Lange >
Bryan and I finished writing "Depend On Me" in the Spring of 1989.  At least we thought it was finished! Then Mutt Lange suggested we add a second chorus: "Like sister to brother, father to mother", a brilliant addition that took the song to another level altogether.

Thank you Mutt!

Mutt arrived at just the right time. Bryan's previous album (Into The Fire) had not been well-received by the record-buying public. We'd been working on songs for the follow-up album, "Waking Up The Neighbours", ten hours a day for more than year and it wasn't going well. We were exhausted, and even worse, we were starting to "burn out" personally and creatively. We desperately needed help with our writing.

Enter Mutt Lange.
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Early in our working relationship Bryan and I discovered that we both loved AC/DC, especially their "Highway To Hell" and "Back In Black" albums. We also greatly admired Mutt Lange, the person responsible for producing both those albums.

Over the years our admiration for Mutt grew and grew, as he directed outstanding albums for Foreigner, The Cars, Billy Ocean, Def Leppard and many others.  Quite simply, Mutt Lange was one of our "heroes".

Not surprisingly, Bryan was determined to work with Mutt.  That's the main reason we spent January 1987 writing at Zomba Studios in London.  Mutt had a private studio in the Zomba building.  By "camping out" at Zomba for a month, Bryan hoped he might have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with the famous producer.

Things unfolded according to plan ... more or less.  Bryan had several long chats with Mutt during our stay at Zomba, and he showed Mutt the songs we were working on (we were writing tracks for Bryan's "Into The Fire" album at that time). 

Mutt commented politely, but Bryan was unsuccessful in convincing Mutt to get invovled.  That would have to wait another year or two (see Waking Up The Neighbours).
Lyrics: When you're losin' direction
Baby you can depend on me
For a little love and affection
You can depend me
If ya feel broken hearted and you just can't get started
You can depend on me

Ya know it's never easy and when you're feelin' blue
There'll be times you feel so empty ya sometimes I feel it too

Like sister to brother - father to mother
We live for each other - we're lover to lover
As deep as an ocean - filled with emotion
I'm forever open - can't you see
Baby you can depend on me
Depend on me - depend on me

For someone to rely on and a shoulder to cry on
You can depend on me
If you're in need of some kindness and you can't seem to find it
You can depend on me

Well there ain't no need to worry you know we'll get along
Those dark clouds may surround you but together we'll be strong

Your love is a guiding light
I've been watchin' it shine - shine on baby
When hard times are all around
And there's miles and miles of dirty road - depend on me
There's no need to carry that heavy load - depend on me

When hope is gone and all is lost
Just reach out - take my hand
I'll be there - I'll be your man

Depend on me