Recording Artist: Prism
Release Date: 1979
Songs By Jim Vallance: Take It Or Leave It
Certification: 2x Platinum Canada (200,000 sales) 1983
World: Approximately 250,000 sales
A year after "See Forever Eyes", Prism were back in the studio recording their third and most successful album, "Armageddon".

Only one of my songs appears on "Armageddon" -- the somewhat mediocre "Take It Or Leave It" -- however I also contributed to the album as an un-credited "session musician".

There were renewed tensions within the band, most notably between Lindsay and John, and for some of the "Armageddon" sessions producer Bruce Fairbairn returned to the format used on the first Prism album, where outside musicians were brought in as needed.
Prism circa 1979 >
For example, the only members of Prism on "Take It Or Leave It" are Ron Tabakand Lindsay Mitchell (guitar solo). The other instruments (keyboards, rhythm guitar, bass and drums) were played by myself.

The same is true for Bryan Adams' contribution to the album, "You Walked Away Again". Recorded at Pinewood and Little Mountain, the arpeggiated verse guitar was played by David Sinclair, Bryan played rhythm guitar, and I provided bass, drums, keyboards and slide guitar. Nancy Nash sang backing vocals, and Lindsay played the guitar solo. The entire recording was completed in two long sessions, and I remember it being a lot of fun.
I also contributed bass and drums to the Bryan Adams-Lindsay Mitchell composition "Jealously".

For the title track, "Armageddon", Fairbairn brought in former Sunshyne member Peter Bjerring to write the orchestral arrangement and play piano and synthesizer. Peter also arranged Lindsay's brilliant ballad, "Night To Remember".
Dorothy Stratten presents Prism with their platinum awards for Armageddon (1980). 

Left to right:  Al Harlow, John Hall, Rocket Norton, Dorothy , Ron Tabak, Lindsay Mitchell >