John Currie Lauder (1891-1916)
John Currie Lauder, about age 2 and 6 (circa 1893 and 1897).
This photo was taken in the back garden of the Lauder's home in the London suburb of Tooting, probably about 1903.  Left to right:  Harry's mother, Isabella, Harry, John, Annie, and their dog "Jock".
John Lauder, about age 10 (circa 1901) ... and with his parents, about 1905.
John Lauder, about age 17 and 19 (circa 1908 and 1910).
A "wood cut" drawing by John Lauder ... a view of Bullwood village, Dunoon, from the vantage point of the Lauder's waterfront home, just south of the village.  Probably about 1910.
A photograph of Harry and Annie Lauder in their back garden at Tooting, about 1905.  These are the only signatures I've ever seen for John and Annie Lauder.
Harry and John Lauder, about 1916.  The First World War is in progress, and John is a Captain in the 8th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment.
John Lauder and his fiancee, Mildred Thomson (and Mildred's mother?), around the time of their engagement in 1916.
Harry says goodbye to John, possibly for the last time.
A "charge" (for the benefit of the camera) of the 8th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment, led by Captain John Lauder.  About 1914 or 1915.
John Lauder was killed near Poziers, France, on December 26, 1916.  Shown here are his temporary and permanent grave markers. 
Harry Lauder, at Lauder Ha', near Strathaven, about 1948.  The portrait of his son, John Lauder, was painted by Cowan Dobson in 1915. 

The painting was sold at auction in 1966 when the Lauder estate was liquidated. In 2007 the painting resurfaced as part of the estate sale of Mr. Wayne Glasgow of San Francisco.  This time it was purchased by my Scottish cousin, Gregory Lauder-Frost, who is descended from Harry's brother Matt Lauder. 

It suffered some damage over the years, but Gregory has restored the painting to its original condition.