Harry Lauder At Home
Harry Lauder, retired, and probably "just plain tired" after 40 years of globe-trotting ... relaxing with a cup of tea at Lauder Ha', circa 1948.

Harry is wearing his silver-mounted sporran (see below).
Harry Lauder's silver-mounted sporran was auctioned along with the contents of Lauder Ha' in May 1966.  It was sold again in August 2002 at Bonham's auction house in Edinburgh, fetching £1,200. 

Bonham's obtained the sporran from Canadian senator and Lauder collector Archie Johnstone, who purchased it in Ayr in the mid-1970's.

The sporran was made in Inverness in 1890 by silver-smiths "Ferguson and McBean".
Sir Harry in the "lounge" at Lauder Ha' with his HMV electric gramophone (manufactured circa 1930).
HMV's "crank" model gramophone, nearly identical to the "electric" model in Harry's home, above.
Harry Lauder sorts through a pile of fan-mail in the "sitting room" of Lauder Ha' with his Golden Retreiver, Bruce.

Note the deer-skin foot-stool complete with "hoof" legs.
Sir Harry, with a large oil portrait (7'3"x4'2") of his son, Captain John Lauder, painted in 1915 by well-known Scottish artist Cowan Dobson (1858-1929).

The alabaster sculpture in the corner is titled "Motherly Love" (19th century Italian sculptor E. Faschi).
The statue of Robert Burns was created in 1910 by Hugh Cairns (of Boston, USA?).
Sir Harry in the "sitting room" at Lauder Ha' with the Weber walnut piano upon which he wrote many of his famous songs.

When the contents of Lauder Ha' were auctioned in May 1966, the piano was purchased by Scottish entertainer Jimmy Logan, known, among other things, for his on-stage portrayal of Harry Lauder.

When Logan died in 2001 the piano was once again auctioned, this time by Shapes Auctioneers in Edinburgh, where the piano sold for more than £7,000.
The landing, half-way up the grand staircase at Lauder Ha'.  The top-most stained-glass windows reads, "This house is God's gift", while the one below reads, "Lauder".  Both windows may be viewed in detail by scrolling down.

The marble bust of Harry Lauder is by Sir William Reid Dick (1878-1961).  A well-known sculptor, Dick was also commissioned to create bronze busts of King George VI and Queen Mary, now in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.