Back To Paradise
Recording Artist:
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Pat (Giraldo) Benatar
Date Written: January-April 1987
Albums: Soundtrack: Revenge of the Nerds II (1987)
Flashback: Best of 38 Special (1987)
Anthology (2001)
Very Best of the A&M Years 1977-1988 (2003)
Charts: #4 - Billboard Album Rock Tracks Chart / 1987 (11 weeks on the chart)
#41 - Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart / 1987 (11 weeks on the chart)
Don Barnes: vocal, rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Jim Vallance: bass, drums, keyboards
Backing vocals: Marc LaFrance, Paul Janz
Produced by Jim Vallance and Don Barnes. Recorded and mixed May 1987 by Brian Foraker at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada.
Pat Benatar >
I started writing "Back To Paradise" with Pat Benatar in Los Angeles in January 1987. I finished the song with Bryan Adams in Vancouver a few weeks later.

Originally I'd traveled to L.A. to write with Pat for her upcoming album, but she'd just had a baby and she was preoccupied. So I spent most of the day in Pat's home studio with her husband, guitarist Neil Giraldo.

We didn't get much writing done ... Neil was also preoccupied (with some vintage audio gear he'd recently purchased). Eventually, Pat took a break from the baby and she came out to the studio for a few minutes. That's when things started taking shape.

In less than half-an-hour Pat and I sketched out most of the song (chords, melody, a few lyrics, but no title).
Don Barnes
I took the partly-completed song back to Vancouver and finished it with Bryan. A few months later, on May 14, Don Barnes and I went into Little Mountain Sound with engineer Brian Foraker (Jefferson Starship, etc) and recorded "Back To Paradise".

Although the track is credited to ".38 Special" the entire recording was done by myself and Don ... I programmed the bass, drums and keyboards and Don played all the guitars and sang the lead vocal. Vancouver session singers Marc LaFrance and Paul Janz provided backing vocals.

I heard that the other ".38 Special" members weren't particularly pleased about being excluded, but as Don explained, it wasn't a happy period in the band's history. During the previous year or two, Don's relationship with long-time friend and band-mate Jeff Carlisi had become strained, and in 1987, shortly after the release of "Back To Paradise", Don left the band to pursue a solo career.

Fortunately, by 1991 all was forgiven and the original line-up was back together once again.
Lyrics: Grab your coat honey grab your hat
This train is leavin' and it ain't comin' back
Don't need a ticket can't you understand
You're on your way to the promised land

It's overdue, but now the time is right, yeah
It's up to you, to make it real, so take me
Take me back to paradise, ooh
Take me back to paradise, ooh

Old Saint Peter at the pearly gate,
Sayin' "Hurry up boy or you're gonna be late"
Take your mind off your worries for a moment or two
You gotta rock to the rhythm, it ain't hard to do

Cause what you see, I know you're gonna like, yeah
It's up to you, to make it real, so take me
Take me back to paradise
Take me back to paradise (paradise) oh yeah

Ooh, and when it's outta reach
I t's just another beach in another town.
So get your feet back on the ground

You worked all your life
You ain't satisfied with a thing you've found
When will you realize it'll come around?

Pack your bags baby, get your things
You'll never know what tomorrow brings
Mind yourself and watch what you say
Before you know, you'll be on your way

It's overdue, but now the time is right, yeah
It's up to you, to make it real, so take me
Take me back to paradise, paradise, uh huh
Take me back to paradise, ooh
Won't you take me back to paradise