Recording Artist: Prism
Writers: Jim Vallance (aka Rodney Higgs)
Date Written: April 1978 / Vancouver, Canada
Albums: See Forever Eyes (1978)
Ron Tabak: vocal
Lindsay Mitchell: guitar
Al Harlow: bass?
Rocket Norton: drums
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn and Prism.  Recorded and mixed by Rolf Henneman at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver (January-February 1978).  Assisted by Jeff Tolman.
Additional Audio-1: Demo #1 (1976?)
This is my first home-studio demo for "N-n-no".  I'm playing all the instruments, including the "nonsense" vocal (the lyrics hadn't been written yet, except for the "N-n-no" chorus).
Additional Audio-2: Demo #2 (1976?)
This is my second home-studio demo for "N-n-no", with completed lyric.
I wrote "N-n-no" specially for Prism singer Ron Tabak. Ron spoke with a terrible stutter, and I had the idea of him singing "I've always had trouble saying N-N-N-N-No".

It sounds cruel, but Ron was "in on the joke" and thought it was funny too.

Shortly after writing "N-n-no" I played a recording of the song over the phone for my friend Eric Kagna (Eric had called me from a bowling alley, which his father owned). When it got to the middle of the song, someone at the bowling alley hit a "strike". Eric got really excited and said "You should have heard how that sounded!  You have to use that on the record!"

For the demo recording, I found a bowling "strike" on a sounds effects record, but the quality wasn't 100%.  For the master recording of "N-n-no" producer Bruce Fairbairn took a portable recording device to the bowling alley and recorded Eric scoring a "strike" on the ten-pin lane. If you listen to the record you'll hear Eric's strike at the beginning, then again half-way through the song.

Eric Kagna was a multi-faceted fellow. He had a bit of music-industry success in the late 1960's with a song he wrote and recorded called "Agatha's Rag Doll". He later attended law school and in 1978 became Bryan Adams first lawyer, also contributing lyrics to several songs Bryan and I wrote. 

Eric was always generous with his time and his heart, and gave free legal advice to hundreds of Vancouver musicians over the years.

Sadly, Eric Kagna passed away in 2001 from complications due to epilepsy.
Lyrics: Pending