Boys Nite Out
Recording Artist: Krokus
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Marc Storace
Fernando Von Arb
Date Written: January 1984
Albums: The Blitz (1984)
Krokus are a Swiss band, formed in the late 1970's.

Bryan Adams and I originally wrote "Boys Nite Out" for Bryan's 1984 "Reckless" album.  But we were approached by producer Bruce Fairbairn, who needed songs for Krokus, and we gave the song to them instead.

Bryan's manager Bruce Allen hit the roof when he heard we'd given the song away. Bruce loved "Boys Nite Out" and wanted Bryan to keep it for himself.

Apparently Bruce Allen, Bryan Adams and Bruce Fairbairn had a 3-way telephone screaming match about who should record the song. Unfortunately, Bryan had already promised the song to Fairbairn, so it ended up being a "Krokus" song.

Personally, in retrospect, I wished we'd kept it for Bryan.