Fits Ya Good
Recording Artist: Hanover
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: April 1980
Albums: Hungry Eyes (1985)
Cover Versions:
Also recorded by Bryan Adams, Tove Naess
Frank Zirone >
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Following the demise of Ottawa's Wrabit in 1982, David Alpin (guitar) and Chris Brockway (bass) relocated to Toronto and hooked up with former members of Lee Aaron and Zon. As Hanover Fist they attracted the attention of MCA's John Alexander who signed them to a deal in 1984.

During the recording of their debut, however, there were many personal and musical conflicts which led the band name to change, musical style to be watered down from metal to hard rock, and a change in personnel. So, by the time Hanover's 'Hungry Eyes' album was released in 1985, the act would only consist of Frank Zirone (vocals) and a group of studio musicians.
Lyrics: Waiting here for the working day to end
Five o'clock and those walls just move in closer
You get home so down and worn out
It's understood

Ya, it fits ya good
Oh fits ya good
Ya, it fits ya good

Was a time you were bringing me down
But I know it's just the way you live your life
But you don't know like I know, baby
I did all that I could

Now it fits ya good
Oh fits ya good
Ya, it fits ya good