(Watching) Worlds Crumble
Recording Artist: Glass Tiger
Writers: Jim Vallance
Alan Frew
Sam Reid
Date Written: 1987, Vancouver
Albums: Diamond Sun (1988)
Best Of Glass Tiger: Air Time (1993)
Charts: #41 - The Record (Canada) / May 22, 1989 (6 weeks on the chart)
Lyrics: I can see the look in their eyes
Their fears, cold tears fall
To the ground
And their words just echo more lies
More plans, blood stained hands
Are all around

Look at me I'm watching worlds crumble
Look at me I'm making walls tumble
Take my hand, Oh! Lord it's all I've got
Look at me I'm watching worlds crumble

With their hearts they ask me to stay
One life, one voice, calling me
I see their eyes and I can't look away
Oh! God why do people have to suffer everyday
I know, there's more than just you
You know it's all I can do