Dirty Dreams
Recording Artist: Alice Cooper
Writers: Jim Vallance
Alice Cooper
Bob Pfeifer
Date Written: August 1992
Albums: Hey Stoopid (1991)
Alice Cooper: vocal
Vinnie Moore: guitar
Hugh McDonald: bass
Mickey Curry: drums
Produced by Peter Collins.  Recorded by Paul Northfield at Bearsville Studios (New York) and The Complex (Los Angeles).  Mixed at A&M Studios (Los Angeles).
Alice throttling my son. Backstage, Vancouver, September 1999
I originally wrote this track (music minus vocals) for Aerosmith, around the same time I came up with the musical sketches for "Deuces Are Wild" and "The Other Side". I played the idea for Steven Tyler but he didn't think it was right for Aerosmith. A few months later I played it for Alice Cooper. Alice liked it, and he and I finished the song together.

We decided the lyric should begin with the description of a New York apartment on a hot, humid, summer night. We talked about a guy getting out of bed and splashing water on his face, trying to cool down.

As we sat there with pens in our hands, staring at a blank sheet of paper, Alice came up with the line: "I splash water on my face ..."   -   and then he looked at me, hoping I might suggest the next line of lyric.

I thought for a moment, then I said: "... to cool my brow".

"That's a great idea", said Alice in a dead serious tone, "except some of my fans might not know what 'brow' means".
Lyrics: Well, I wake up burnin' in a soaking sweat
My pillows are drippin' and the sheets are wet
I jump out of bed and I turn on the light
This happens to me every night

Sometimes you turn into a snake with long black hair
Then you turn into an angel, blonde and fair
You can turn yourself blue and I don't care

You can change your look
You can change your race
But it's always your touch
And always your face

Dirty dreams - How you wanna do me
Dirty dreams - Let me get thru
Dirty dreams - A triple X-rated movie starring me and you

Well, I close my eyes
And you open your lips
There's a shock from my head to my fingertips
I fall thru a hole cuz I can't get a grip

The room starts to spin and the world starts to turn
My heart catches fire and my bed starts to burn

Dirty dreams - How you wanna do me
Dirty Dreams - Anything for you, babe
Dirty Dreams - Technicolor movie starring me and you
Make my dreams come true

Shake my nights
Rattle my sleep
Roll my eyes, I'm in too deep