Can't Wait All Night
Recording Artist: Elkie Brooks
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Eric Kagna
Date Written: January 1984
Albums: We've Got Tonight (1987)
Bookbinder's Kid (1988)
Gold and Blues (2000)
Pop Masters (2005)
Elkie Brooks: vocal
Trevor Jordan: keyboards
Brendon Taylor: keyboards, bass, drums
Backing vocals: The Elkettes
Produced and recorded by Trevor Jordan at Woody Bay Studios, North Devon.
Cover Versions:
Also recorded by Carola, Juice Newton
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Elkie Brooks was born Elaine Bookbinder in February 1946 in Manchester, England. She began her career as "Manchester's answer to Brenda Lee" before touring the UK in the early 60's with the Eric Delaney Band. In 1970 she joined Dada, a 12-piece jazz-rock act which also featured Robert Palmer (vocals) and Pete Gage (guitar). These three artists subsequently formed the core of Vinegar Joe, a highly popular soul-rock act which recorded three albums during the early 70's. The group was dissolved in 1974 and Brooks embarked on a solo career.

In 1977 Elkie had two UK Top 10 hits with "Pearl's A Singer" and "Sunshine After The Rain", and in 1986 her recording of "No More The Fool" reached the UK Top 5.
Lyrics: I've got a secret in my heart
I've been holdin' for some time
But if I let the fire start
Would it be outta line

Now there's nothin' left to say
I just wanna make you mine
Don't let a good thing get away
Come on and make up your mind
Ya - show me a sign baby

Can't wait all night
Can't wait all day
When you gonna send a little lovin' my way

Now the feelin's right
I just wanna say
When you gonna send a little lovin' my way

Lovers come and lovers go
This time I know that it's for real
Why would you wanna be alone
When you could be with me
Ya - you coulda been with me