Faster (Than The Speed Of Love)
Recording Artist: Beggars and Thieves
Writers: Jim Vallance
Louie Merlino
Ron Mancuso
Eric Kagna
Date Written: 1992
Albums: The Grey Album (1999)
Louie Merlino: vocals
Ron Mancuso: guitar and bass
Alan St. John: keyboards
Bobby Chouinard: drums
Produced by Jim Vallance. Recorded and mixed by Paul Northfield at The Armoury Studios, Vancouver Canada.
I think this song started with the title, which was provided by my dear friend Eric Kagna, who passed away in 2001. Eric was a gifted lyricist who also contributed to several songs I wrote with Bryan Adams (Hidin' From Love, Win Some Lose Some, Can't Wait All Night).

If you're an aspiring musican or songwriter, then please read the notes for the Beggars and Thieves album "Look What You Create".
Lyrics: Pending