Waitin' On The 49
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: July 26-30, 2011 / London
Albums: Bryan Adams Live at Sydney Opera House (2013)
Bryan Adams: acoustic guitar, vocal
Gary Breit: piano
Recorded by Ben Dobie and Jody Perpick at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Mix This, Los Angeles, California.
I spend most of my time in Canada, but I also have a flat in London. When I'm in London I often visit Bryan and his family (they live a few miles down the road). To get there, I take the Number 49 bus.

I have an amazing "app" on my iPhone: "London Bus Buddy".  It tells you exactly when your bus is due to arrive. But before I got the app, I would just stand at the bus-stop and wait, rain or shine, with no idea when the bus might arrive.

One day I was on my way to Bryan's house, standing at Gloucester Road station, waiting for the Number 49 bus to arrive. I waited and waited, but no bus! Clearly, I was going to be late for our meeting, so I sent Bryan a quick email in the form of a "poem":

   Waitin' on the 49
   Waitin' on the 49
   It'll be here, it's just a matter of time
   Waitin' on the 49

I eventually arrived at Bryan's house. Just for a laugh, Bryan picked up his guitar and sang the words from my email. It sounded quite good! We made a few adjustments, and the next thing you know we had the beginnings of a song! 

We played with the idea on-and-off for the next several days, creating a simple story about a fellow taking the bus to see his girlfriend. 

Bryan recorded Waitin' On The 49 during a performance at the Opera House in Sydney Australia, just Bryan on guitar and Gary Breit on piano.
Standin' at the station
Waitin' in the pourin' rain
On my way to see my baby
Just got to be with her again

Waitin' on the 49
Waitin' on the 49
I hope it's gonna be on time
Ah, waitin' on the 49

Bus driver, bus driver
Can you take me down the line?
Well I know you're out there somewhere
Come on, come on, give me a ride

Waitin' on the 49
Waitin' on the 49
I hope it's gonna be on time
Ya, waitin' on the 49

All day long
All night long
Feels like it's never gonna get here

I wanna be a passenger
You gotta get me fast to her
Is that a promise you can keep?
Cuz I'm in this way too deep

Hey look, I think I see it comin'
And I hope I ain't too late
Clapham Junction to White City
Tell me, what it's gonna take?

Waitin' on the 49
Waitin' on the 49
Hope it's gonna be on time
Ya, waitin' on the 49

Waitin' on the 49