Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: 1980 or 1981 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: You Want It, You Got It (A&M Records, 1981)
  Bryan Adams: guitar, vocal
Tommy Mandel: keyboards
Brian Stanley: bass
Mickey Curry: drums
Recorded March 1981 at the Power Station, New York.  Produced by Bob Clearmountain and Bryan Adams.  Recorded and mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
Cover Versions: Also recorded by Randy Meisner, Ian Lloyd
I've always liked this track ... it was a fun song to write, and I particularly like Bryan's rhythm guitar work.

While we were writing "Tonight" Bryan discovered an interesting sequence of minor and major chords, with open E and B strings ringing in common over the chord movement. I think it's quite a haunting sound (we used similar chord voicings several years later when we wrote "When The Night Comes" for Joe Cocker).

In 1982, former Eagles bassist Randy Meisner recorded a rather uninspired version of "Tonight", and the song was also covered by ex-Stories singer Ian Lloyd in 1984.

It's interesting to compare Bryan's version of "Tonight" with the song "Your Love", a top-ten hit for "The Outfield" in 1985. The resemblance -- particularly the use of Bryan's open-string guitar style is, uhmm, flattering (see audio box in the left margin).
Lyrics: Who you gonna run to
Now your ass is on the line
Who you think you're foolin'
We ain't got the time

Don't try to tell me
Who was wrong or right
We don't see eye to eye
There's no point in tryin' to change it at all

Tonight, tonight let's leave it alone
Leave it alone tonight
We can't change it at all

Forget the things I told you
Let's just sleep on it for now
It's your misunderstandin'
I don't want to hear you out

Two wrongs baby, they don't make a right
It's hardly worth the heartache
So let's leave it alone, leave it alone

Tonight, tonight let's leave it alone
Leave it alone tonight
We can't change it at all