Don't Turn Me Away
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: February 1978 / Vancouver Canada
  Bryan Adams: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocal
Jim Vallance: keyboards, bass, drums
Recorded and mixed in 1979 by Geoff Turner, Pinewood Studios, Vancouver. Produced by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams.
"Don't Turn Me Away" is the first song ever Writers Bryan and I, back in January 1978. It appeared as the B-side to Bryan’s first single, "Let Me Take You Dancing".

We recorded "Don't Turn Me Away" at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver, where I oversaw it's mix and completion. My mix was extremely dry -- no reverb -- which was standard for most records in the 70's (Elton John, Eagles, etc). Times were changing however, and in retrospect it's apparent I wasn't quite "with the program".
Bob Rock (denim jacket) about 1998. I've known Bob since the mid 1970's when he I recorded countless radio and TV commercials for the Griffith-Gibson ad agency (Bob engineered, I drummed). The fellow seated next to Bob is Randy Staub. Randy has engineered dozens of recording projects for Bob over the years, and is now a noted producer and engineer in his own right. I first met Randy when he worked as an assistant engineer on the Glass Tiger albums I produced in 1985 and 1987.
One night Bryan went into Little Mountain Sound with a young engineer named Bob Rock (Bryan and Bob were both about 18 at the time). They did a remix of "Don't Turn Me Away", heavily laden with reverb, delay and compression. I thought it was dreadful and excessive, and I rejected it outright in favour of my original "dry" mix. Looking back, I realize how wrong I was!  The truth is, Bryan and Bob were onto something.  They were light-years ahead of me! Not only was their mix better than mine, I don't doubt it would have made a significant difference to Bryan's early career if I'd had the insight to invite Bob to join us.

Over the next year or two (1979-80) "ambient" recordings by artists like Ian Hunter and Elvis Costello became more prevalent, and I became a fan of those sounds ... albeit belatedly!  I also became a huge fan of Bob Rock's evolving work with his own group, The Payolas.  The drum sound on "Eyes Of A Stranger" -- recorded in the loading bay at Little Mountain Sound, with the complicity of Ron "Obvious Vermeulen -- set the standard for drum sounds for years to come. In fact, twenty-five years later "Eyes Of A Stranger" remains one of my favourite singles of all time.

Bob Rock continues to be an enormously talented writer, arranger, musician, producer and engineer. He's worked with dozens of successful recording artists including Metallica, Loverboy, Mötley Crüe, The Cult, Cher and Bon Jovi.
Lyrics: Call me in the night babe
Call me in the day
Don't say I'm getting older
And changed in every way
Don't turn me away

Don't close me like a book babe
When I'm old and grey
Knockin' on your door
I'm feelin' oh so strange
Don't turn me away
Ooo - don't turn me away

Don't turn me away babe
Don't turn me away
Don't turn me away babe
Don't turn me away


Ooo - don't turn me away
Ooo - don't turn me away

Waitin' just to see you
Crazy for your smile
Though I'm feelin' older
Take me for a while

And don't turn me away
Ooo - don't turn me away
Ooo - don't turn me away