Comin' Home
Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: 1980 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: You Want It, You Got It (A&M Records, 1981)
Awards: 1982 - Procan Award (Performing Rights Organization of Canada) for Canadian radio airplay
  Bryan Adams: keyboards(?), vocals
Tommy Mandel: keyboards
Brian Stanley: bass
Mickey Curry: drums
Recorded March 1981 at the Power Station, New York.  Produced by Bob Clearmountain and Bryan Adams.  Recorded and mixed by Bob Clearmountain.
45RPM single sleeve
"Comin' Home" is one of my favourite co-writes with Bryan Adams.  I've always thought Rod Stewart would do a great job of this one.

I remember Bryan returning from one of his early tours with the chords and melody for "Comin' Home" largely sketched out. I contributed to the lyrics in the verse, and to the bridge section ("it only seems like yesterday ... etc").

The photo shows Bryan in my studio in West Vancouver, about 1981 or '82.   It was a small studio, but it served as our main "workshop" from 1979 until 1986, when my wife and I moved to a larger house across town.

I called it "Distorto Studios", due to my limited engineering skills, which often led to "distorted" recordings. Bryan and I had some of our most productive moments in that little room, and I have very fond memories of those years.

When I moved across town Bryan continued living in West Vancouver, where he eventually purchased a home and installed his own "Cliffhanger Studio".  For the next few years we took turns commuting between our two "home studios", until I quit working with Bryan in August 1989.

In the photo above, note the vintage 1970's home-studio recording equipment: TEAC Model-5 eight-channel mixer, TEAC 80-8 eight-track recorder, Revox A-77 two-track.

Bryan (age 21 or 22 at the time) is playing his white Fender Strat.
Lyrics: All those nights I've spent alone
Uninspired, so tired and wasted
There's lots of times I'd have telephoned
I couldn't find the words to say

I'm coming home
I'm coming home

I'll make it short, I'll make it sweet
I'll make it up to you, I mean it
I'm not the same guy I used to be
What can I do to make you believe it

I'm coming home
I'm coming home

It only seems like yesterday
You and I were saying goodbye
Now I'm just a few miles away
Gonna see you tonight

I've been alone and I lived the pain
I've reached for you in desperation
I was wrong, and I'll take the blame
I need you back now, I just can't wait

I'm coming home - yeah
I'm coming home
Won't you wait - I'm coming home