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Rosetta Stone
Album: Hiding From Love
Release Date: 1982
Songs By Jim Vallance: Hiding From Love

In 1973 childhood friends Ian Mitchell, Damian McKee, Terry McKee and Colin McKee formed a band called Young City Stars. They played local clubs and dance halls, often opening concerts for the Bay City Rollers.

    In early 1976 Ian left Young City Stars to join the Bay City Rollers. Young City Stars replaced Ian with Belfast guitarist Andy LeGear, but later that year Ian rejoined the
band, now managed by Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton. They changed their name to Rosetta Stone and in 1977 signed with Private Stock Records. Their first album, "Rosetta Stone", was released in the USA in May 1978. A second album, "Caught in the Act" was released in 1979.

In early 1979 Ian Mitchell once again departed and was replaced by Paul "Flash" Lerwill. Paul left in 1982 and was replaced by Enda Walsh. That same year the EP "Hiding From Love" was released, after which the group permanently disbanded.